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Mar 06, 2006 · Hornady 168 gr. A-MAX for $15 & change per 100. I shoot the 155 gr . A-MAX in my M1A superb accuracy. I have the 168's on the way. There's another projectile that shot superb in all three .308 rifles that I shoot, bolt action included, that can be found for $4 - 5 less than SMKS. It's also a Sierra product, 165 gr."SGK".
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.30-06 Springfield and Copper. Buffalo Bore Ammunition Buffalo-Barnes Lead Free .30-06 Springfield Tipped TSX Boat Tail, 168 Grain (20 Rounds) - 40B/20
Nov 30, 2020 · After laying down a total of 4 big whitetails with Sierra ammo in 308 and 30-06 — using the same 165-grain TGK (Tipped GameKing) bullet — and not having to track a single one, you can bet yer bippy I am a fan of Sierra GameChanger ammunition and this bullet in particular.
Bullet Weight in Grains. 30. Caliber: .224. Bullet Style: TNT Jacketed Hollow Point. Ballistic Coefficient: .150. Diameter In: 0.22. Package Quantity: 100. Usage: Small Game.Barnes® VOR-TX® is precision ammunition loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. ... Weight 150 B.C. .184 Velocity 2335 Box ... 30-06 Sprg. Cartridge 30-06 ...
See full list on gundata.org Ammunition for sale at great prices. Bulk ammo sales available at discounted rates. DEGuns.net is the best place to buy ammo online. Find any caliber ammo for your rifle, shotgun, or handgun today on DEGuns.net. Please help. I need feedback on the best 165 grain ammo for my 30-06. I have been hunting with PMP all my life with very good results. Now I have been reading about Barnes, RWS, Norma's Nossler Acubond etc.
weights: .270/130 grain, 7mm/139 grain, .30/150 grain, .30/165 grain and .338/225 grain. The GMX is a monolithic bullet along the lines of the Barnes Tipped TSX bullet, but with a red (rather than blue) plastic tip to initiate expansion. These are very sleek, boat-tail bullets with high ballistic coefficients, similar in shape We offer choices of excellent quality range ammo, the most proven hollow points and specialty rounds in all of the most popular calibers. We also sell Ammo in bulk, so if you are looking to save money or stock up, consider our deals on Bulk Ammo. Call us at (540) 898-9256, If you have questions.
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